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Timeline to send out the goods

Long holiday before and after the delivery arrangements
Please note that our colleagues who ship on our site are on Saturdays and Sundays and are on holidays with Hong Kong banks so the order to be paid on Friday, the day prior to the holiday or during the holidays, unless otherwise specified, will be processed at the end of the holiday period The first day of the goods sent, so if the customer orders in the rush before the holiday rush, please confirm the order before communicating with us, we can determine the date of receipt of the goods, of course, we will try our best to meet customers Need, thanks!

Spot delivery time
If the order is in stock, the price in the location marked "in stock", which means that the product already in stock in Hong Kong, after received the receipt of transfer or Paypal payment within 2 working days will send the goods (not include the payment date) , send After the delivery of goods will be emailed to customers and inform SF list. However, if "SOLD OUT" appears under "In Stock", ie the item is temporarily out of stock and is replenishing, it is unknown the arrival date of the new item.

The time of delivery of the booked item
For example, if you read "New Arrival arrives on or about April 25, 2016 and accept the reservation" at the time, please specify the date of arrival of the new arrival date. For example, if the arrival date is estimated, However, due to some air delays or flight delays, there may be a difference between days. Shipping will be sent within 2 working days after the arrival of the new arrival. After sending the shipment, customers will be sent an email to SF Express.

Purchasing goods delivery time
Purchases of goods in the product ordering page price will indicate how many days after the confirmation of delivery, usually within 20 days of delivery, but may be due to logistics or flight delays and a few days difference, because the purchasing products are received guests Orders and payments will be purchased abroad, in the purchase of products to Hong Kong within two working days after the goods will be sent, send the goods will be emailed to customers and inform the SF number.