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Payment Method

Payment method option:
We accept payment by
  1. ATM transfer / FPS ID
  2. Octopus「O! ePay」P2P Pay
  3. Visa / Master / American Express Credit Card
  4. PayPal Account or Any Credit Card by PayPal
  5. Apple Pay
  6. PayMe
  7. 「FPS」QR Code
ATM transfer
In the checkout page, please select the payment by「ATM transfer」, after confirmed the order please transfer the payment to any of below bank account:
Account Name:GOGO SHOP


   :  012-601-1-024895-7

FPS ID :7874571

Please upload the bank receipt to your account order page "SHOP AND CUSTOMER COMMENTS" or write down your order no. on the bank receipt and WhatsApp to 5607 3795

* This payment method only for transferring from Hong Kong local bank, any handling fee by oversea transfer should be paid by customer.

Octopus「O! ePay」P2P Pay
After completes the order, customer can pay us in two ways. The first method is to use the P2P pay money function to pay the money to our telephone number 56073795. The first payment needs to be added us as a friend to pay to us. Please enter the order number into the subject line at the time of payment, which will speed up the time we reply to confirm the payment. The second method is that after completed the order, customer can use Octopus Apps to scan our Octopus payment QR code directly, then input the amount and input the order number in the remark.

Visa / Master Credit Card
In the checkout page, please select 「Visa / Master / American Express Credit Card」, please enter the payment detail before click place order button

By PayPal with any Credit Card and PayPal
In the checkout page, please select 「By PayPal with any Credit Card or Paypal」,after clicked to confirm the order, it will go to PayPal web page and please follow the instruction to complete the payment process.  The PayPal web page is managed by PayPal and we will not get any personal information from PayPal.

Apple Pay
You should have finished below setting before you can pay by Apple Pay
  1. You should use the newest MacOS Serria
  2. You should use the Safari to place the order
  3. You should finish setup the Wallet setting in iTunes and connect to your cell phone
  4. You should open the bluetooth connection in your computer
You can learn how to setup the Apple Pay in your computer and cell phone in below website

Jetco Pay
If you have account in one of below banks, you can use the Jecto Pay apps to send the money to our Jetco Pay account.
    • China CITIC Bank International
    • China Construction Bank (Asia)
    • Citi Bank
    • Dah Sing Bank
    • Fubon Bank
    • Shanghai Commercial Bank
    • Wing Lung Bank
Our Jetco Pay account phone no. is 85256073795

Please send the PayMe link to 56073795 by Whatsapp.  We will send the e-mail to customer after we confirm to receive the payment
You can click into below website to get more information about the PayMe

Select to use this payment method, when the order is completed, the system will jump to a FPS QR code payment page, the customer only needs to use the mobile app to scan the QR code to pay directly, after the payment is completed. The computer will instantly confirm that the payment has been received without having to upload any payment receipts, which is convenient and quick.

If you have any question about payment method, you can send us the message by our website or WhatsApp 5607 3795 or send us e-mail to below e-mail address, we will reply you as soon as possible: