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Terms and Conditions

Risk and Liability Statement
For all purchasing products, this website only provides the service to help clients to return overseas after purchasing. The price of this website includes the local retail price of the purchased products, shipping charges returned from overseas and costs and formalities shipped locally Fees, customers buy all products is the customer's own choice, consumption of all purchasing products is also the customer's own decision, all risks and responsibilities are borne by the customer himself and the site operators have nothing to do.

On the purchase of product warranty, the site and the site operating company will not provide any warranty and maintenance, such as substitute products in the purchase of a warranty, the company will help customers to buy the product to the warranty unit maintenance , But the return postage to be paid by the customer, the return postage required by the customer with the website operator to determine the amount and pay the full postage back and forth, the company will be required to repair the product to the purchase of the warranty unit maintenance, but whether it can be repaired If successful, we can not guarantee that if the product has been delivered to the place of purchase but the customer eventually renounces the maintenance and does not retrieve the product, the return shipping fee may be refunded to the customer but the product can not be returned to the customer.

Because purchasing products only meet the use of the place of purchase or safety standards, the customer commissioned this site purchasing, has agreed to voluntarily assume any responsibility for the use of all the consequences, including driving safety issues.