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Return Policy

Spot goods
Customers to buy stock items, the recipient should immediately open the box out of the box to see whether the goods and quantities with the same order, if found to be wrong, please do not open the packaging of the goods themselves, and then photographed and uploaded to the order of "stores and customers Order Communication ", we will arrange replacement or replacement of goods as soon as possible.
Please note! If the customer has opened the package of the product itself, it notifies the Company that the goods received are different from the order unless the received price is lower than the purchase price (based on the price quoted on this website), otherwise the Company has Right to refuse replacement of goods.
After opening the package of the product, if the product is damaged or broken, please take a photo and upload it to the "Store and Customer Order Communication" on the order form. We will arrange the replacement of the same product as soon as possible. All the postage will be paid by our company . However, if the company does not have the same stock of goods, customers can choose to replace the equivalent of goods or request a full refund.

Shopping for order
When the customer receives an order confirmation email from our company, the customer can not cancel the order and request a refund unless agreed by the company.
However, due to the purchase of goods on behalf of the volume may not be able to purchase as scheduled, if not on behalf of customers, the company will inform the customer as soon as possible, the customer can choose to buy other goods or request a full refund. The refund will be credited to your designated Hong Kong bank account within three working days.
As for the receipt of substitute products, it is found damaged or broken, as a result of improper handling of the company as a result of damage or junk (for example, the company in the post-product packaging bad, leading to product junk), the Company The right to refuse replacement or refund.

The above policy, the Company from time to time to improve or amend the terms, the company has no obligation to inform the customer to modify any of the terms or additions, customers confirm the order must read the above terms and agree that the above terms, such as the customer of the above terms Have any questions or comments, please feel free to send a message to the company.