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In 2011, the founders of PLANT THERAPY® set out to change the essential oils industry by offering the highest quality oils at the lowest price direct to consumers. And as the popularity of oils spread and company grew, PLANT THERAPY® realized that the essential oil industry was neglecting to address the needs of one important group: children.

With young ones of our own, PLANT THERAPY® were firm believers that essential oils can have tremendous benefits for kids. Yet, there were no products on the marketing formulated especially for them. They fielded questions from parents all the time about which essential oils could help alleviate common children’s problems such as stuffy noses, calming down and rough, red skin.

The PLANT THERAPY® team realized they could make a difference by creating essential oils that were undoubtedly safe and effective for children. No other company had attempted this challenge, but they were confident that our commitment to quality would allow us to succeed.

The PLANT THERAPY® team began by creating a list of youth concerns and ailments that they wanted their synergies to address, including occasional soreness, sniffles, calming concerns and immune support. The next step was (often hilariously) fun. They wanted the names of their new synergies to be playful and kid-friendly, so they tapped their own children’s, nieces’ and nephews’ imaginations — and, boy, did they deliver. After debating such product names as “Hurty Head” and “Stinky Away,” they decided on the synergies they wanted to create:

A+ Attention, Better Than Kisses, Calming The Child, Ear Ease, Germ Destroyer, Get 'Em Gone, Go Go Go, Growing Pains, Immune Boom, Nighty Night, No More Warts, Odor Zapper, Shield Me, Silky Soft, Skin Soother, Sneezy Stop, Sniffle Stopper, Sweet Dreams, Tame The Pain, Tension Tamer, and Tummy All Better.

As parents, they were passionate about getting this right. Without any debate, they agreed they had to commission Robert Tisserand to develop their KidSafe synergies. Robert is an internationally acclaimed aromatherapy expert with decades of experience, and they knew no one else had expertise they were looking for. Robert’s resume and reputation are impeccable, so when he accepted the challenge, they were beyond excited.

Any successful aromatherapy blend must meet four criteria:
  • It needs to work
  • It needs to be safe
  • It needs to smell appealing
  • It needs to be affordable
With the KidSafe line, they added a fifth criterion: It has to be absolutely safe for use on children, in particular. They worked with Robert to define exactly which oils they should consider. They completely avoided many oils such as peppermint (which can cause breathing problems), thyme (potential skin irritant) and ylang-ylang (potential skin allergen). Then, armed with a list of oils deemed safe for kids, they tasked Robert with creating their line of effective, affordable KidSafe synergies.