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GOGO SHOP mainly to provide two services, the first is to help customers purchasing the United States and Canada products, the second is for customers in the world search for good goods introduced to everyone. "Shopping Service" We arrange for customers to purchase in the United States and Canada some of the products they want to buy but can not go abroad to buy. "Promotional Products" We will also look for some good products to customers around the world, such as coffee capsules, health food and beauty products of different tastes and brands.

Promoting online shopping - to reduce costs and profits Rewarding customers, our founders used to operate import and export trading companies in Hong Kong and also opened retail stores in the area. We understand that the retail prices of many goods are very high under the current ultra-renting business environment High, but the profits of shops is only meager, most of the profits are used to pay for rent. Therefore, we strongly promote the operation of shopping sites on the Internet and return the money originally used to pay for renting back to customers.

Anti-agency monopoly reap huge profits - we have seen some local companies get good proxy rights for foreign products. Originally, they introduced good products to Hong Kong and introduced them to customers. However, it is a pity they have the right of proxy Raise prices to unreasonable, such as delicious chocolate and some health supplements. This is definitely intolerable business practices. Or only provide a small choice to the customer, and wasting a lot of resources. In protest against these profiteering or irresponsible agents, the Company will help you to buy some products that you want to buy that you can not buy in the field, or you can have more flavors than local ones, They are brought to you when the local retail prices are very unreasonably high or the options are very limited. So that we pay a very favorable price will be able to enjoy the goods they want.

Everyone for me and mine for everyone - if you find a good product anywhere, welcome to provide information to us, we will introduce to other members, so our website is ".club" is that we can organize a group of members, From here we can get very good products at great discounts.

If you have any comments on this site, please feel free to send us a message, thank you for your support!

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